So close, yet so far.

I am 17 pounds from my goal weight and I truly wish that I could attribute it to my hard work, working out, eating nothing but grains and protein, but unfortunately its not.

It’s my thyroid.

For the longest time, better than three months, I was doing two hours of cardio four nights a week. I was seeing NO results, cut out red meats, limiting my caloric intake for 1250 calories for day.  Nothing. Nada. Zip.. Occasionally, every few weeks I’d see a .6 pound difference.

Finally I went to the doctor on the verge of sheer mental breakdown – complete and total self esteem deprivation mental overload. I begged the doctor to hook me up with a nutritionist, check my blood, find out if something was wrong with me.

Now,  the women in my family have a long long history of thyroid problems, hypothyroidism of the autoimmune variety.

My TSH and T4 levels came back completely out of whack. We started 50mcg’s of Levothryoxine to be re-evaluated in 8 weeks. At 8 weeks they re-evaluated, I’d lost 10 pounds in 8 weeks and the 50mcg’s are working splendidly putting my numbers in an acceptable range without any adverse side effects.

I am now 17 pounds from my goal weight for the summer so it’s time to hit the gym and see if my new found metabolism can work in my favor some more!

Swimsuit season, I’m not scared of you! 😉


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