Happy Birthday, Eldest Child. :)

My daughter is six today.

I feel old,  I’m too young to have a 6 year old,  really.

One Year Ago.

Last year we went downtown and I got out my trusty camera and took the kids pictures. This was one of my favorite photos and she is so photogenic when she doesn’t give me that Cheeseball McFaker smile. I plan on doing this again this year, but probably not down town and probably once my son gets another hair cut, he’s a bit shaggy right now.  In one year she has changed so very much. She is more assertive, no clue where she gets that from, she is reading much better and she is trying to distinguish her own identity, which is amazing to watch.

Sometimes I will stand in the doorway to her room and watch her play and she will sometimes look in the mirror and talk to herself and talk to herself about herself and she says things like “Oh, I just love your new haircut!”… which shows me that she is developing self esteem that is so important for little girls.  She is trying to convince me to let her dress herself everyday and sometimes I let her pick, but sometimes she does not always pick weather appropriate clothing and I have to step in. She’s learning.

She is also facing a lot of new changes and challenges and she is being awesome at accepting change in stride. She will have to change schools this next year due to being ONE BLOCK outside the limits at our new house, but instead of being upset about it, like I was, she is looking at this as an opportunity to make more friends and spend another year learning to read better. That’s awesome!

Today she turns six. 7:06pm to be exact and while I’m grieving for an additional year checked off the list until she becomes a teenager and tells me to go to hell,  I will be dealt an additional blow, as tonight is Kindergarten Graduation.

Tonight is going to be a rough night for Mommy.

Happy Birthday,  Spunky Girl. 😉 ❤

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