A Shipment of Change

I decided that after struggling with these final thirty pounds, Weight Watchers combined with exercise is no longer cutting it.

Time to bring out the big guns, you know, the ones that say “Here eat this!” and have it regimented daily. I’m going to try Nutrisystem. I simply must lose these final thirty pounds!

I plan on taking a before picture tonight, since I think my food might be on the doorstep when I get home tonight. Then starting first thing tomorrow. Time to get serious, I can’t keep over-doing it at the gym because I am re-injuring my bulging disk and all of the nerves around my spine and close to that (L5) disk.  It’s terrible. I feel so awesome about working out and burning tons of calories doing low impact cardio and it doesn’t matter. The elliptical machine is killing my spine. I need to do some cardio weight training that does not irritate that in conjunction with NutriSystem.

I don’t know if I will actually POST the before pictures…  But they will be in my possession. Maybe I’ll post the before pictures once there is an after.

I just know that losing the first 56 pounds did wonders for my life and my health.  My cholesterol dropped. I was able to get pregnant with our second child since we think the culprit was the extra weight I was carrying at the time.

Now here I am, struggling with the final 30 pounds and ready to rock!

Bring it on NutriSystem!

On another note, my husband and I are desperately trying to get away for Memorial weekend… but we aren’t really sure where to go that won’t break the bank. Any ideas?


One thought on “A Shipment of Change

  1. Good luck! My husband was very successful losing about 30 lb on Nutrisystem. It’s the maintenance part than can be tricky, but you seem motivated.

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