I haven’t been this sick in a long time…

Of course, its a virus that my doctor can’t give me anything for. I’ve been in bed for going on three days. I’ve been out of work, Wednesday, Thursday and will be out tomorrow as well.

Yippy long weekend! Not. Pretty sure any plans for something fun outdoors this weekend in the sunshine are cancelled.

The last time I was this sick I was a sophomore in high school and I had pneumonia. Pneumonia that nearly hospitalized me. They had given me 24 hours to respond to the antibiotics or else I would be admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics. Luckily, I did respond and was able to stay out of the hospital.

Now I’m laid up in bed and my husband had to stay home to take care of me due to the high fever, headaches and dizziness. I spent most of yesterday guzzling emetrol, an anti nausea liquid, because I felt like I would throw up at any second.

Appetite.  Nope.

Painful sore throat. Check.

High fever. Check.

Sweating. Check

…While simultaneously shivering. Check.

The doctor told me it could be any one of 130 something enteroviruses… except polio…and hand mouth and foot. That’s good I guess…

I’ve basically just got to wait it out. Doctor wants me in bed until my fever breaks, he said sometimes enteroviruses can linger for longer than the usual passing viruses.  I’m going stir crazy, but honestly I don’t have the energy to be anywhere else. Luckily I have a laptop that I can turn the screen brightness down really low. Kindle books on my Android.  The only time I can really be on the computer is shortly after I down 600mg’s of motrin… as it starts to wear off I have to shut the computer off and the TV across the room is about all I can handle.

My husband unfortunately has decided to sleep in the living room because my shivering at night, even under the covers, is keeping him awake at night. On top of that, I haven’t been sleeping well so I’ve had the TV on at night and at weird hours.

I wonder if wine would make me more comfortable? … or it would burn the shit out of my throat. ::sigh::  <—-yes, I just typed an action.


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