And we’re live!

We finally launched my latest endeavor. I have been blabbing on here about photography and now it’s out there, its up…. ready for people to start asking me to capture pictures of them and their families…their most prized “possessions” if you will and I could not be more excited.

I’ve got some great grand opening rates trying to build my client base and I’ve already had numerous inquiries on price quotes and people wanting to schedule things for November to get some fall pictures with their families for Christmas etc.

A co-worker who doesn’t normally compliment people, haha, complimented my photography today in front of my other co-workers and it really made me feel good about myself… I want to do what I’m passionate about, but I also want to be good at what I’m passionate about.

I went online and filled out all of the forms to become a recognized business in the state of Illinois, the website is live, I have a facebook business page and now Robert and I are brainstorming how quickly we can turn the basement pantry into an office for me. I really need a space to work, edit pictures un-interrupted and keep all of my stuff in one place. That little room just needs some work first.

I am hoping that my business takes off and I can afford more equipment, bigger lenses, light stands – all kinds of cool stuff! Eventually……. the front room in our basement will be a studio and we will be able to run the business out of our house once we finish the room and build the hearth into the fireplace for holiday pictures… It needs a lot of work but its ultimately going to be worth it!


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