You know you’re getting old at 24 when…

…you spend your weekend at home, doing nothing but play video games and taking naps and losing miserably to other Android users in Wordfeud. FML.

I mean it’s good that my husband is getting some face time with other friends, but sheesh, I’m NEVER home on the weekends. I’ve always got shit going on.

But I guess, if I have to be home and hanging out with my kids, then I guess it’s alright.

My aunt (read: sister), is in the hospital having her first child. 10 weeks early.

We are all sitting around either at the hospital, at home napping or waiting for a text message with the final word as to what they are going to do. They cannot control her blood pressure and the hyper tension is restricting the baby’s growth. So we are all holding our breath. From what I’m told the mom-to-be seems out of it, tired but in good spirits…. chances are, I might not get any sleep tonight if the pitocin works. However, if it turns into a c-section, they will most likely wait until morning unless the baby shows signs of distress.

I have a hard time staying out of my own head in situations like this because it takes me back to when my son was born and the almost-catastrophe that he brought with him.

Most likely, my poor Aunt will probably decide that she is DONE with kids after this ordeal. If I were her I’d say “Wooooah, fuck this.” too. 😉 Updates to come.


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