Who’s in control?

Does anyone truly know how “love”, the emotion, happens inside of us?

Can anyone really define an intense attraction to another human being —with explanation as to how it happens inside of us?

No, you can’t.

Because we don’t truly know what part of the brain controls attraction to other humans. So, that being said, once a feeling is felt and established, there truly is no real way to rid yourself of said feelings. Some people think that you can just shut off a feeling if you train yourself too. This is not the case.

Does time really heal all wounds or is it somebody else that helps get you through the pain…over time?

Or is it that you grow, over time, and move on? I understand all of these ideas revolve around time, but the concept is not that the time itself heals the wounds.

What truly does heal wounds and help the broken hearted move on?


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