Keeping Busy

I had an appointment tonight so I didn’t get the opportunity to get my 2.5 mile jog in tonight. I kind of miss it on nights when I can’t go since I started going. I enjoy it because it gives my mind an opportunity to be calm, but while being calm, really think. Think rationally. Think in a realistic way, because in that moment I am removed from everything that might be distracting me in my home life or social life at that point in time.  Tomorrow I probably won’t get my run in because I am going to a haunted house with my co workers in STL.  Yeah, 6 adult women are going to a haunted house… It’s happening. It will be nice to get out to dinner and a good scare with my second family. Saturday we are going to Hannibal for a festival with the in laws, and from what I’m told its a photographer’s paradise so I’m a bit excited. Though I wont get my run in on saturday I will still get quite a bit of walking in. Sunday, photoshoots – but there will definitely be running on Sunday. 5/7 days is good, no?

At some point I have to take time out and do laundry because this Dora the Explorer spare comforter of our daughters is just not cutting it anymore…


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