Dodged a Bullet?


False alarm – things are in order – but I’m still having a hard time understanding the emotions that kind of floated around all of this between Robert and I.

I did get an interesting text from Robert when I told him that we didn’t need to buy any more pregnancy tests (keep in mind, we had decided in the last year not to have any more kids.)

Robert: I am not taking another kid off the table completely. 🙂 Love you.

Hmmm… it’s funny how things change, its funny how people change – us.

It’s even more amusing how much different we are in just the last few months. We believe in this – we believe in us and it’s pretty spectacular considering the hardship we have fought through just to stay together, made us both realize that we have fought so hard for so long because we want this  – we want us.

Who else could melt my heart by cuddling with our 6 year old watching The Defenders on the couch?  Probably no one.


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