Trick or Treats

My kids got 6 pounds of candy tonight. Filled a large salad bowl – my diet is very seriously going to suffer. UGH!

My little Superman and my black cat had a great time. Last year we were too busy working on moving into our house and painting etcetera to really enjoy taking the kids out. My son is passed out and the 6 year old is still fighting sleep as best as she knows how. My son was a little scared of people who were wearing masks, however, he had no problem taking candy from a guy who was dressed up like Santa. Confusing much? When people would open the door and hand him candy, he felt it was an invitation to go inside their house. We had to hold him back. He also didn’t like it when people put the candy right into his bag, he is only 2, he insisted they let him pick it out or put it in his hand so he could put it in his own bag. That being said, if they put it in his bag, he would promptly reach back into the bowl and take another piece to put in there himself. Thank god the people thought it was cute. By the way, excellent candy this year- none of those little double bubble gums and hard candies – LOTS of chocolate! ๐Ÿ™‚

I really enjoyed going by some of the houses of people I grew up with, some of my old teachers. It’s amazing how things change, but some things are forever the same. It makes me really put into perspective how much time flies past, people get older, people come and go, their lives go on – but you’re always connected to where you come from.



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