Knock knock..

Whose there? Fun search engine keywords!

So occasionally I will check out what words people searched via google or what not, to end up at my site. Granted, there is one entry that I wrote more than a year ago, maybe two, that is called “How to Live with a Depressed Housewife: 101” or something of the like and it, still, gets thousands of hits…because apparently that is a very serious and popular problem.

More than 60 times per day people are directed to my little ol’ corner of the web because they have depressed spouses and are looking for guidance of some sort and continue to leave comments on the post to me, about the post or to other comments. I love it! Glad that something I wrote could attract enough attention to get people together to talk about their problems and brainstorms ways to live a happier, healthier life.

However, the search word that literally had me cracking up at my desk at work – was that of…

“how to live with very mean wife”

Well Friend, there is a huge difference between a person battling depression and a person who is just downright…ok forgive me, a bitch!

I get it. Men have their quirks (some worse than others- and some of them suck and don’t deserve their wives) and every marriage has its issues, but that doesn’t mean that women don’t exist out there that get their man and think “Oh well, I’ve got him, he’s mine. Here, let me drag his ass through the mud and treat him like a steaming pile of shit.” Yessireee, they are out there and it’s sad and unfortunate, and most of the time need some serious therapy — or a divorce if that’s your cup of tea…and to that my dear friend looking for guidance on how to deal with a “very mean wife” – I can only apologize for the following.

A. Your Poor Taste in Women.

B. A Woman who Substantially Changed after Marriage/kids/age etc etc…

C.ย  (since she’s not here to defend herself) Whatever you do on a daily basis to piss her off.

and D. That the right medications are often still not enough.

Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜‰



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