Even as a former smoker myself, I find it almost impossible to understand how a parent who has children in this millennium, who knows the dangers, will still smoke in the house or in the car with their kids.

It’s not your kids choice to breathe in that smoke.

I never ever smoked in the house or in the car with my kids. It’s not fair. And secondly, its gross – your kids go everywhere smelling like lit cigarettes and quite frankly people think you’re trashy. No offense. Ok, yes, some offense.

There is absolutely no excuse or reason that you cannot step outside to smoke or wait until you get to your next destination to smoke. Cold outside, you say? Too bad. Put on a coat. Raining? Too bad. Get an umbrella. Smokers who smoke in the house or in the car with their children will have a million excuses but for every excuse they have, I’ve got thousands of medical research articles to back up all of the dangers of smoking.

My husband’s young grandmother was a casualty to smoking in her fifties. Lung cancer. Didn’t stand a chance. The problem is that cancer is so prevalent in our society, lung cancer or otherwise, that people don’t couple the cancer with possible exposure to second-hand smoke. Parents don’t necessarily recognize that their children with severe allergies, skin and otherwise, could be a direct result from their exposure to secondhand smoke and a sensitivity to it. People don’t think about what this nasty shit could be doing to their children. If you’re going to smoke, fine, no problem – but don’t make your kids smoke too.ย  My beef is with people who refuse to understand that we don’t get the free pass of ignorance or if you are old and stuck in your ways saying “All these new-fangled doctors and researchers…blah blah blah…” You don’t have that right either when medical science has proven, not alluded to, proven that cigarette smoke, both secondhand and firsthand, cause cancer.

Don’t be a jerk – go outside and smoke. Stop forcing your children, who don’t know better and have no choice, to smoke too.


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