Keeping up with the Singles.

Yeah, not the Joneses.

I love my friends – really – LOVE them! They are great people, some a little quirky, but jesus christ they would have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not notice that I’m the same way.

That being said – I’ve had a terrible time finding the right ‘niche’ of friends. I think they are all great, but I feel like getting married at 17 put me in this odd category. I’m settled down, but I’m still experiencing the want to go out and party every now and then because I’m 24. It’s like I skipped ahead then reverted back a little? … But what I’m trying to say is, I spend a lot of time with my friends outside of my home life and I see them all doing things that 24-25 year olds are doing. Dating. Having meaningless casual hook-ups. Staying out all hours of the night (Guilty!). Waking up in strange places with their lesbian BFF after a long night at a gay bar (Oh wait, that was me!).. ANYWAY – the point is that my relationships with other people are difficult to categorize because I’m like the “gap generation”.. I skipped over the ‘college’ years and jumped right into married life and raising kids etc.

Long story short.. my girlfriends, most not all, have nobody to worry about going home to or kids – so they need not be bothered with whenever they roll in or if they roll in at all. They can end up at their beau’s house, have a change of clothes there and then leave from there and head straight in to work the next day. C’est la vie. It was a lifestyle that once fascinated me to the point of envy, until I realized that that is just a transition period to finding the right ‘thing’ – whatever that thing may be, whether it may be the “Right Man” – it’s just a transitional period, you’re not there forever and if you are you should be cast as a spinster in Sex and the City.

I am still a bit of a party girl at heart – ahem, a repressed and moral party girl – but every year that passes that I go out with my girlfriends and meet their love interests and experience just a tiny taste of the lives they live when out with them. I’m exhausted!!!! I dig the nights like Saturday night when I showed up at home at 4am…and I’m not going to lie I probably posted numerous facebook status updates about how awesome it was to be out partying on daylight savings night because…. YOU GUESSED IT! An extra hour of drinking of course!  … but when I woke up the next morning my hair smelled like cheap cigarettes and Arbor Mist wine (Hah! You thought I was going to say Boone’s Farm) and I had a headache and I was crabby…. BUT IT WAS A BLAST! It was a great time with one of my very best friends – but I can only handle so much partying with the single girls and guys because I’m apparently starting the process of transitioning into being an old cranky lady who yells at neighborhood kids to keep their balls out of my yard… Ok, that was a bad analogy.  You get the point.  Thank God my husband trusts me, tolerates me and is oh-so-cool.

I better start learning to drink coffee and fast if I expect to keep up with these chicks… or mix energy drinks with liquor. Or both. Whatever.

Quote of the night: “Well, I was gonna say 12 but I didn’t know what a good number was – because either way he was gonna be pissed so…”


One thought on “Keeping up with the Singles.

  1. lol…I seem to have the same problem, only in a reversed role. Now that I am 31 and divorced, all my friends are married with little kids. I want to get out and have a good time and they want to stay in and not pay for a sitter. But I still just love my friends, so I go to their place and watch movies and deal with them having to pause it to go check on the kids.

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