Foster Parents

…for dogs. Don’t get excited.

A friend of mine and my husband’s runs a local rescue and we made the decision to be a foster. We have our own dog, a mini dachshund, who is 7 pounds and a total pain in the ass. Sweetest dog on the planet, doesn’t tear anything up, doesn’t chew, just has a problem using the bathroom outside. I have issues with this dog and all I can do is keep putting the diaper back on him and emasculating him in hopes he will change his mind about peeing or pooing in my house. Maybe having a more behaved foster in our house he will learn some stuff..

The wonderful world of facebook opens you up to being able to see everyones every thought… and a friend of mine posted that there was an australian cattle dog that was pregnant that got put down because there was nobody that could take her and the vets said that several of the puppies were going to be stillborn, for whatever resaon they didn’t share any further details, and it just broke my heart thinking that our doxie could have been that dog that if the rescue wouldn’t have pulled him and put him with a foster.

That’s when we decided to do it, foster doggies until they can get themselves into a loving home. I love dogs, I want some dogs to foster big enough that I can run with at night and burn some energy and maybe teach them a few things. Tiny dogs are almost impossible to train, my friend that runs the rescue said “The smaller the dog the smaller the brain” and so I naturally started googling and apparently small dogs are not even 15% as trainable as medium to large dogs – I don’t know how I never thought of this. They retain less information, their short term memory is a fraction of a mid size to large dog and their habits are more sporatic.

I’m excited, she is supposed to be working on a list for us to choose from and we couldn’t be more excited to rescue a doggy from certain death from a shelter we knew is not opposed to putting doggies down right and left.

Photos and entries to come!


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