Liar Liar Pants on Fire

What do you do about a six year old who thinks that it is now ok to lie because she has gotten away with it once or twice — unbeknownst to us?

TWICE IN ONE NIGHT — AFTER getting in trouble for the first lie.

First Lie: Her 2 year old brother got a hold of some crayons at my grandmother’s house – stood on the back of their couch and colored all over the walls in five different colors. Oy. At some point during this devilish act – our 6 year old witnessed him doing this and didn’t tell anyone, probably encouraged him, then jumped in on the action and drew a red smiley face with hair amidst his scribbles.

Fatal Error… The two year old can do nothing but scribble. Smiley faces with hair are outside of his realm of artistry.

Lied about it the whole way home… Then when her Dad confronted her she admitted it.

Lie #2: We told her to eat her dinner — I was folding laundry in our bedroom which is off of the kitchen – I poked my head out and watched her feed pieces of a grilled cheese sandwich to the dog. UGH! Tried to lie about it even after I told her I saw her – again, admitted it when her Dad confronted her.

See? They don’t take ME seriously, but lord if she upsets her Dad – game over for her.

 We are working on a serious punishment that we have not yet worked out the details. My husband won’t let me take away all of the Christmas presents. Boo.

So what do we do?!

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