Helping the less fortunate


I have always made excuses about volunteering, I don’t have time, I don’t have the space, etc etc etc. But I have always wanted to help.

Over the last few months my 6 year old is exhibiting this “Who cares” type of attitude and I’m already over it. I don’t deal with that kind of behavior very well. I decided it was time to get the ball rolling with instilling some compassion in her.

I told her I was tired of her not eating her dinner because there are too many people out there that have no money to feed themselves and some people would proverbially kill for her oatmeal or her grilled chicken and broccoli.

She said.. and I quote “Well, tell those people they need to save up their money to buy some food.”

I replied with  – “They have no job so they have no money or they have a job and it’s only enough to pay for the roof over their head and nothing else.”

..and she said “Well – tell them to get a better job!”

This child is in for a rude awakening. I will not raise self-entitled ‘blind’ children.

I’ve posted on facebook trying to drum up some referrals to “soup kitchen” style places for she and I to volunteer at to aid the homeless. She is going to learn what it means to be selfless and I hope doing it with me will help keep her interested, she does like to help, but she is going to learn what it means to help her fellow man.

Raising well rounded children and emotionally sound – non-arrogant children – starts now.


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