Yeah I’m going to go there..

Wanna know what it feels like to be at the store with your husband two kids and having to buy condoms?

Yes, it’s annoying because one of two things happens…

A. People stare at my kids and see how obnoxious they are being and think “Oh man, I’d want a little added protection too, shit!”
B. Hmm.. must be swingers..

(Ok fine, B, was just a joke.)

But A. is highly plausible. That being said, I am of the female population that cannot tolerate hormonal birth control of any kinds. I’ve tried everything, except the shot (sorry, if bleeding from the nipples and excessive weight gain are the side effects count me the hell out!), and I am not a candidate for IUD due to the rupture from my second pregnancy.

So here I am. Condom lifer, well until we make the decision to get the big V, which at 24 and 28, we are not yet ready for. Most days we look at our kids and go “What the fuck?! Make the appointment!!!!!!!” then other times they cuddle on the couch with us and watch Christmas movies and we go “…We could do one more.”

I’m leaning away from the latter. That being said, I always wonder what our lives would be like with one more child. We would be the first couple in my husband and some of my side’s lineage (yeah the one’s who didn’t have more than two kids were the non-Catholic ones..)

I also think about the financial aspect of it, I’m trying to grow these two up so I don’t have to shell out hundreds a month in childcare! I want to go places, travel, do stuff, spend money on traveling and going places. I don’t want to have to worry about who is watching the kids or if I can bring them with me.

Decisions decisions. For now, we will let this question rest because we are not yet to the point where we want to definitively say ‘No more.’ even though we are both kind of on the same page already – it’s just too soon to say.


3 thoughts on “Yeah I’m going to go there..

  1. How about some unwarranted advice? (If you knew me, you would know that was rhetorical!) DO NOT GET THE ‘V” yet!!! Hubby & I had our two kids when we were your ageish. And I had my tubes tied the same day I had my son. And now my kids are 13 & 14 and I am still thinking we could have one, two, or three more.
    So, just get keep the condoms, and when other shoppers raise their eyebrows, I’d wave the packet at them and say “Do you recommend the ribbed?”

    Good luck!

  2. Thirty-four years ago my husband and I opted for the stay at home mom route over daycare. We don’t regret it for a minute. Hug those two darlings of yours and hold them tight, because before you know it they’ll be grown up and it will seem like 5 years instead of 20!

  3. LAUGH OUT LOUD @ Expressmom. That’s welcome advice!

    @huffygirl, we have definitely thought about trying it again, but after struggling with one income for the first 4 years of our marriage, though he is in a better financial position now, we are very much a dual income household. I want to risk my family’s financial stability just to be here.. though I’ve thought about it and my husband has thought about it numerous times. Maybe someday if my husband made slightly more money.

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