New do.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to do with my hair. Last Spring I got a perm called the “beach wave” which was a bunch of twirly spirals in hair that was inches away from being three feet long at my longest layer.

My hair is weird. It’s real full, thick and it changes colors the longer it gets. My hair starts out this muddy brown and then turns into a copper penny color! Random, I know, what the hell…  Stumps even my stylist.

Anyway, the new job starts monday and I was tired of trying to type while my hair curled underneath my elbows and then I’d lean forward at my computer desk and my head would jerk backward because I had myself pinned by the hair to the desk.

My husband also frequently rolls over onto it into the middle of the night and I wake up from whiplash.

My husband and I also carpool frequently and he will rest his elbow on the console behind the shifter  – guess whose hair gets jerked there?! Me!

I decided enough was enough, we took off over 6 inches at the longest length and then probably 8 or 9 inches on the top layer. I told her to dye it the darkest color brown they had in the joint before it was considered ‘black’. So here it is…

And I love it!!! What nice little change and confidence boost for the new job. 🙂


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