Tomorrow, I start the new job. I am very excited. (Read: I am very about-to-have-an-IBS-attack scared).

My greatest fear is disappointment. I just have to go in there and get everything right the first time… period. There is no other option. I need to get it right.

The girl who I am replacing was well liked, loved and greatly missed, and I know I have an enormous pair of shoes to fill and I am going to work VERY hard to do that.

If I could tell my boss one thing, it is that I work very hard for praise. I’m like my ten week old Boxer puppy, I’ll do tricks for treats and appreciation… ok, that sounded completely WRONG. I’ll work very hard to make myself well-liked, appreciated and depended upon. Despite popular belief of most human kind, I like helping people. I like the satisfaction of knowing I have made a problem that somebody else is having less troublesome for them. Humans are a selfish species, and most would probably think that of me, but they are quite wrong… I lived in poverty and had to drag myself up by the shoelaces to be where I am today. Sure. I don’t have a, ahem, completed, college education. But I am good at helping people. I am good at making people feel less like islands out there in the ocean and more like they have somebody they can call to get help, because lord knows everyone wants to feel that when they are stressed and feel like drowning.

I am sure that I am going to be hitting an enormous learning curve and I hope that they are patient with me, I’m a fast learner, I’m assertive and manage tasks well. Come on, Confident Voice. Keep talking to me. We’ll get there.


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