Baby Steps, Right?

Today, I started my new job.

Not quite as scary as I was expecting, but I’m sure this is only the beginning of the running of the bulls, so to speak.

There are a lot of people here that depend on me for a lot of things and I only hope that in as little time as possible that I can adequately learn, and at least feel comfortable with, all of these tasks. It seems like there is an enormous amount of responsibilities set upon my position to route everything through the correct channels and learning the scheduling process. I still don’t know 100% what all of my duties will be. That’s ok, I guess, right? I’ll learn as I go, which is what I keep telling myself. My boss said there are no lofty expectations of me but it still makes me queasy to think about disappointing my superiors or messing up something.

At some point I should convince my confidence to come back and stop letting some of these confusing tutorial videos convince me otherwise. Right? RIGHT?!


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