Lessons on Forks

Day two.

So far so good, I’m trying not to freak out – really – well mainly because my boss told me not to, so not of my own free will.

I have a hard time grasping the concept that not everyone gets things the first time around.

I went through a training course today for an application we use at my job and it was like t hey were speaking in another language. I have a...better…understanding of the application, however, I do think I will need somebody to walk me through a couple parts of it when it comes down to making revisions.Β  Department Chair says it’s fine – I am striving to be an over achiever, but am I just setting myself up for failure by trying to go over the top to impress these people? More harm than good?

Every new endeavor I take on I try to do something a little better, make myself a little better, carry myself differently – change something about how I do things that indicates to me and the rest of the world I’ve taken the next step forward. Maybe it’s a maturity thing? I’m only 24 so I’m sure with each passing year I get a little more of that ‘maturity’ stuff. πŸ˜‰

Day one, I was far too accustomed to using the provided plastic forks in my previous office’s lunch area that I came to work with no fork. I had to ask if we kept any spares and had to go into the supply closet and get one.

Day two, so as to not make a habit of using the forks kept in the supply closet for conferences, presentations and guests etc – I brought my own fork from home which I washed after the meal and put in the dish drainer. SEE! I learned something!

L — O —L


…and I changed the title of this post to compliment that last joke.


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