First Days

My baby, after an abrupt change in childcare arrangement, started daycare.

I was very concerned about this start considering that he has never had any serious structure between my busy schedule and my grandparents house. I was very anxious about it but I was also kind of excited for him to go to this place where there were other kids his age and they had a lot of positive structure and age appropriate play, etc.

I had the six year with me this morning since I was en route to drop her off, since she was off for Casimir Pulaski day, at a girl friend’s house to have a play day with her daughter and another friend’s daughter. She helped me get him and his stuff into the breakfast area and it was like walking into the twilight zone… there was an entire room full of toddlers and they were all sitting, calmly eating their breakfast. My son on the other hand decided he was going to start pulling toys off the shelves and screaming at me “No! My cars, my trucks!!!”… it took coaxing him over to the table to eat his waffles and then me sneaking out the door.

I was really excited to pick him up to see how his day went. His day apparently went well and the director reminded me that his favorite thing to do was yell “No.” at every request to the daycare teachers.


Hmm..    I’d never noticed….





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