Crafter at Heart

For many years I have done crafty stuff on a small scale.

I made vintage swarovski gem stone hair clips.

Repurposed earrings into rings.

Decoupaging ceramic tiles with photos.

Repurposing damaged frames into something new and chic.


….and now bottle art.

Bottle art is very quickly becoming my new obsession. I have a list of projects I have found online that I full intend on doing – very soon. I need to order my bottle cutter.

My first mini project was just a test.  To see if I could do it without screwing it up and if I would need a different kind of spray paint, etc.

I decided to buy some Gerber daisies in different colors and use some wine bottles we have laying around to test out this new project.

I bought white primer spray paint… however, it is way too textured for this project. Need a glossy white spray paint in one even coat. I don’t recommend getting the cheapy spray paint can with the tiny little spray head, those are not as easy to control as the ones with the larger spray head or the trigger nozzle. I will get the high gloss white spray paint next time  and try that, because you obviously want a nice shiny glossy finish.

Not as glossy as I had hoped, but this was while they were still drying. The one on the left is actually a very pretty light lavender, but the cell phone didn’t take the greatest pic. The flowers will need to be cut down.

Next, once the paint dried…

What pretty wine bottle vase was complete without a little bling? I took to my scrapbook stuff and started digging for embellishments and ribbons. I wanted to add a little something but nothing too tacky.

And this one was a little more interesting…green ribbon to compliment the other vase, as they will be hanging out in a pair. (I’m obviously keeping this set since it was my experimental set and has some imperfections.) Place aurora borealis stick on gem stones up the seam onto of a little bead of e600 glue to really hold.

All in all, for my first attempt, these were really easy and very fun. I plan on making more of these, who knows, maybe I will sell some of my designs? Give them as gifts? I find I am most at peace when I am creating stuff or taking pictures, it truly helps bring my stress level down.

Now can you see how I am in the wrong career? I was NEVER designed to be a desk jockey… this kind of stuff keeps my right brain moving when it is normally completely stagnant.


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