My husband decided that we needed to get away this weekend since this was technically our last weekend that does not already have plans until the end of July. We both start another semester of college on June 4th and one of his classes is on a Saturday.  Hubby and I had no idea that the weather in Chicago was going to be quite as terrible as it was. 40 degrees. Extremely windy (yeah yeah I know windy city) and RAIN – the entire weekend.

We were lucky enough to find a dog friendly hotel. The kiddos shared a bed and Penny slept at the foot of their bed since she didn’t have to dodge mine and Robert’s feet in the middle of the night, more room at the end of the kids bed for her.

We braved the traffic and the rain to go down to Navy Pier, paid a lot of money to park and got soaking wet – bought a day-glo orange stocking cap that said “CHICAGO” on the front of it. We ate some great food – and the dog was pretty well behaved, we are only down 2 harnesses that she chewed through. Apparently, we need a leather harness with metal studs to keep her from getting pissed off and chewing through it.

My poor Prius needs a serious vacuuming now – dog fur central! Penny travels well luckily.

Anyway, it was a great lesson in how spontaneity isn’t always perfect but it allowed us an opportunity to get the hell out our town and go see some sights…even if the weather did suck, there was nowhere to park, if you found a place to park it was expensive, it was too expensive to eat downtown…and the traffic was horrendous….Really, it just means we will have to go back again this Summer.

AND — I learned that my husband has a hidden talent.. air guitar. He’s never even had any formal training. I’m so jealous. 😉

Also — coming soon, a picture of me with a Paul Bunyon ‘muffler man’ statue holding an enormous hot dog in Atlanta, IL (whose water tower is yellow with a smiley face painted on it).


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