Time for the Specialist

After multiple injections into my L4 and L5 area of my spine with no “fix” – just pain management, I’ve finally decided that it’s time to see a spinal rehabilitation specialist. I have a bulged de-generative arthritic disk in my back. I got this by bending backwards repeatedly trying to paint the ceiling in my second floor bathroom. (Damn those coved ceilings!). Most doctors ask me after seeing my MRI if I fell or was in a car accident. Nope and nope.

So it’s time… it’s time to potentially spend thousands on a rehab program (and that’s WITH good insurance… you tell me what’s wrong with our insurance system – it’s robbery and a scam, don’t you forget it.) to be able to function like a 25 year old woman should. I shouldn’t have to take Tramadol every time I have been on my feet longer than an hour… I shouldn’t have to elevate select parts of my body just to be able to sleep… or toss and turn all night because the previous didn’t work.

June 16th I have a four hour long consultation with two different doctors to help me figure out why I have not responded to any of the nerve stimulation, heat therapy and kenalog injections. Hopefully, the spinal decompression therapy will help stretch out all of those tiny little pinched nerves and rectify the issue of random numbness in my feet that makes me feel uneasy and sometimes almost fall down.

In other GOOD NEWS — the doc adjusted my thyroid med dosage and I am losing weight again! Yay! Which leaves me on 22 pounds from my goal weight for my height! So close I can taste it! Stacked up a big stack of clothing from my drawers and closets for the second time in 3-4 months of clothes that no longer fit me! Couldn’t be more excited!

I actually purchased…wait for it…. the bombshell bikini from Victoria’s Secret and let me tell you. I feel so confident and my self esteem is pretty high for the first time in a very long time! I was working so hard to lose the weight for a few months and I was GAINING… turns out my hypothyroidism had gotten a little out of whack so I had my dose upped by 25mcg’s and I’m in good shape now!

22 more pounds to the goal weight published in American health journals by dietitians everywhere! Coming from the girl who started out at ~220lbs in her adult life. I have never been in single digit sizes in my adult life and I find myself swimming in some mediums and no double digits fit me anymore! I’m high fiving myself – yeah that’s right.


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