Not out of pity…

I have decided, with the advice of my husband to limit what certain family members see on Facebook. I don’t mean drama or anything off-color. I mean my children; photos, status updates.

I feel like certain people are using Facebook as a way of knowing what is going on with my family versus actually spending time with us. Facebook is not a replacement for the time that should be spent with loved ones. It is a remarkable way to stay connected…and I honestly, this might be sad, but I don’t know I’d live without it. I love being able to instantly know what is going on with my friends…but I also use it as a meet up tool. “When can we make plans to get together?” – it is not a substitute for me to be shirk my responsibility to nurture friendships outside of the Facebook world.

One day these kids will be grown…and you will have missed out on everything and for that I can only feel sorry for you and for your lack of “time” for them. I love my children. The youngest is almost 3 and he is at a difficult age, but when he is in a good mood, happy and/or cuddly, I would not trade it for the world and I would be devastated to have missed out on all of this fun we have.

Being my own devil’s advocate… I do not want family to read this and then spend time with my kids out of pity.

I have been in my children’s shoes and by the time they are old enough to understand the lack of priority for them – they will feel the effects of it. I did and it has greatly changed how I have grown into adulthood.

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