Facebook: What do you do when you’re deleted?

I think, naturally, all humans have a fear of rejection. Everyone wants to feel like they are a part of something or at least accepted by our peers.

Some of us are so concerned about this that we end up installing apps on our phones that tell us when someone disappears off of our friends list. “Facebook Friend Checker” for Android indicates with the photo icon whether or not the profile was simply deactivated or if the profile still exists and you are no longer on their friends list.

I know, I know – that is absolutely pathetic. But it’s an intense curiosity for some of us, read: Me, and it leaves you wondering “Why?” when you’re deleted. “Was it something I said???”

Most of the time, I try to keep most cursing off of my posts. I also put little lists together, mostly for co-workers, to where only certain groups can see certain posts as I post them. I feel like this has worked for me for quite some time. Also, I hid my activity on other friend’s pages to avoid having people link from my very private profile over to my friend’s very public profile and see our discussions on their walls.

I also do recognize that having over 500 friends can lead to some controversial hot-button topics ending up on Facebook and some of my friends are… not as eloquent as others and just call it like they see it with wild abandon. I love most of them for that… most of the time.

So, when the situation arises that I get a little notification that somebody has deleted me, my heart sinks in my chest and I start to go backwards over all of the info “Why?” “I thought we were pals!!!!!!” One person deleted me and then sent me a note stating they decided their Facebook would be immediate family only – I said “No problem! It’s a scary internet!” I wasn’t hurt or offended at all. I understood. In other situations, I start looking over my most recent weeks posts and thinking “Where did it get out of control?” and when I see nothing on my usually rather mundane page – I am left twisting in the wind wondering why?

Sorry, I am unable to offer advice to you fellow pathetic friend checkers – So what do YOU do when this happens with no indication as to why?



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