Taking it back…

I won’t let you have any power over me.

If you have moved on and it is life as usual in your little “family”… I moved on a long time ago.

It wasn’t about the money – I have just enough of that to get by without missing $150 dollars. You stole more than my money – you stole my faith in families. You stole my ability to feel like families would never turn on other family members in malicious fashion in hopes to start a fight to feel justified in not paying it back.

Some of my days are better than others – some days I wish you would choke on the pills you fill your body with. Others I hope that I’ll get news that they finally forced you into rehab and that the woman I knew growing up would be back…and that a family with innocent little kids would no longer be struggling.

Spread your lies. Enjoy every moment of those lies when I am not around to defend myself or my husband. He is an amazing man who adores his wife and kids. You’re jealous of me… you all are. You wish you had men half the man my husband is. You wish you had a provider and a great father and family man.  Say whatever you want. Call me names. Make up disgusting things about both of us.


Everyone knows the real truth. They take my words a long time ago – they talk about YOU behind YOUR back. Not the other way around. They laugh at YOU. They feel sorry for YOU…and they tell me when YOU spread lies. All of them came to me and told me that no matter what lies you spread, they would stand behind me because they know we are good parents with a stable home for our kids. How does that make you feel? …to know everyone scoffs at the lies you and your parents and siblings spread about your own family? –a person you helped raise. I saved every text message you sent… if in fact you decide to tell a lie – I have proof. You tried to incriminate your own family, not me, of other heinous things and they are the ones you, in two faced fashion, stick by and allow them to enable you.


My life is great – the greatest it has ever been. I am happier than I have ever been and maybe it is attributed to my ability to tell you all to take a flying leap and safeguard my children from your chaos.

I hope the jealousy kills you – too bad you were never woman enough to accomplish half of the things I’ve accomplished in a shorter life.


I wanted to try to help save you. I want to believe that you were too high and loopy all the time to understand what you were saying and doing… the woman I talked to on texts was not you. The real you would never treat me that way…especially after I helped you.

I helped you even after I knew about all of the things you were spreading about me. Yes, I’m patting myself on the back for being the bigger person.


I hope you get help – everyone already knows you’re a ball of lies. Get help before it’s too late.


I’m taking back the weeks I’ve wasted being sad and upset for literally losing a WHOLE leg of my family. Bar none. I’m going to enjoy this beautiful thing we have built with hard work (not handouts).

I hope Xanax can comfort you the way being in love can, the way having a good support system does and a solid a future with a plan will.


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