Please forgive my anger…

Please forgive me for being so angry… it’s only that I worked for my life and all of the stuff I have material or otherwise… You didn’t. You aren’t….and probably won’t.


You committed welfare fraud and bought expensive bullshit that you didn’t earn because you get childcare assistance from the taxpayers when you don’t deserve it. Thousands in pell grants and financial assistance out of stafford loans? You’re not fooling me or anyone else. Nails done? Hair done? Guns? Boob job in the planning process? Dirt bikes? Cars? Four wheelers? WAY TOO EXPENSIVE rent? ……on welfare?…………………..

Plead your case to the single mother who makes barely more than minimum wage with ONE child who cannot get assistance because she makes “just over the limit” for a family of two.. and suffers…while your ass is out there galavanting around like a hoosier with taxpayers money? I do hope you feel good about yourself. Your fake, unearned, life is not going to last long…especially not if Uncle Sam finds out what you’re up to. If Uncle Sam finds out, you could both end up in jail. No lie. 


You think because you’re both going to school to better yourselves, that makes this ok? NO. The right thing to do you ask? You get a tiny two bedroom apartment, or live with family if you must, cheap rent, get childcare assistance so you can get through school and show your children a solid and educated work ethic. Not a pretend life that they themselves think they will be entitled to and the cycle continues.  Not blowing through all the extra cash you have from those living expense loans when you could be actually paying for your child’s daycare with it? (Still a REALLY dumb thing to do when there is no guarantee that there is a job secured out there for you after college to pay back all of that money). I applaud you for going to school, I REALLY do because jesus christ you’re going to need the education to survive out there in a world you think you have figured out. When the big bad world shits on you, I do truly hope you’re prepared….because it isn’t going to be pretty and the taxpayers may not be there to bail you out. The single mother will pay her taxes and will end up bailing you and all your “toys” out, while she desperately struggles to make a better life for herself and her children.


I am finally grown and mature enough to know that I don’t need to keep a friend due to the longevity of the relationship… and that I truly CAN choose not to be friends with someone because their beliefs are so ass backwards that they directly conflict with everything I believe in.


I am going to finish my MSW and get out there to help women learn how to be PROVIDERS… not LEECHES and try to change the world. I may fail, but at least I can say I tried – what about you?


Can you look your kids in the face, like we can, and say “We busted our asses to make a better life for this family and for you, without anyone or any government entity bridging our gaps!” ?  No. You can’t. I do hope all of the material things in your life make up for the emptiness you will feel where the sense of hard work and accomplishment would be if you had done what the rest of hardworking Americans did and earned it.  I know the feeling of my hard work and accomplishment makes me feel so much better about the world we live in – it helps me believe there are more out there like us… but unfortunately the economy is crashing because there are way too many greedy selfish people…. like you.


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