Coping with the truth…

I have started to realize the serious possibility of being unable to reach a resolution.

I am not a liar. 

I am not dishonest. 

After the texts exchanged the other day, there is definitely evidence of some serious inability to understand one another…or not skew the truth, I haven’t yet decided. 

Two things: I’m a good Mother & I don’t lie. 

On the first – I protect my children. I would throw every last one of you to the wolves before I’d let either of my children suffer at the hand of misinformation from one of you. I protected my children. I never “accused” anyone – But if it protects the innocent, then you’re right – it was me (blah blah blah insert sarcasm). I don’t mind taking the abuse to protect my children (regardless of whether or not it’s true). I’ve done it enough over the years… I, quite frankly, don’t care what you think, but it’s amazing to me how someone can think that they know every detail about a situation when I never released all of the details – to anyone. I kept most of them to myself on purpose……. so that the information could never be skewed by the rest of you who like to over dramatically retell a story to the point where it takes on a new shape.. I don’t need my daughter hearing a story that is screwed up by your theatrical mouthes when only I know the truth and she has forgotten.  Don’t get it twisted… I love her more than you all – combined- and there is not one single thing I would not do to protect her. You have never ever had to yet face the Mama Bear in me, let’s hope you never have to because the potential for damages in your personal and professional lives are limitless. It’s what you do when you protect and defend the innocent, but I can’t expect anyone of you really to know what that’s about. 

It is not hatred, it is finally facing the facts that you are incapable of telling the truth — or rather, recognizing what the truth is. You can post your responses on your Facebook all day long – they don’t believe you – they feel sorry for you and they make nice to save face… I have greatly appreciated the influx of phone calls from family members reaching out to tell me that no matter what, they are here for us and that if “psychiatric help” is in order – it’s not me who needs it. 

I love my husband, I love my supportive family who know when the time to stand in front of flying bullshit and stand up for me is, my amazing friends who have supported me through all this – friendships like this are ones they have likely never known in their entire lives and my children who keep me laughing when I feel like there is nothing left to laugh about. 

I hope your theatrical retelling of what you think the truth is keeps you warm at night in place of all the family you have shoved out. 


By the way- I do hope you enjoyed ripping open the most painful experience of MY life and pretended like I owed somebody else an apology. 



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