Came in skidding sideways and had so much to do today with all of the faculty back, with needs – first day of school for the students – first day of the semester for me too.

Psychology and Social Work… Hopefully these will give me some insight on what I’m getting myself into with my chose Master’s program… I mean, I’ve got a pretty good idea, but there is always more to learn. There is something about helping to empower someone else to change their life, that is, if they are willing to do it. I won’t get paid an extravagant amount, I’ll do pretty well, but I will be doing something fulfilling that means something to somebody else. Psychology is a LOT of reading and all of my social work courses are on campus – no online versions, haven’t stepped foot in a classroom since….ugh ok this morning, but not for any of my own classes… hahaha….assisting faculty. 2008 for my own classes… that was until I dropped out of Business School, because it was the most boring thing I have ever attempted to do for myself.

Hit the gym after work – did a pretty intense cardio and toning set and I’m feeling pretty good today!

Sore – but good. I need to make sure I keep up with a routine and then switch up the toning machines I’m using. I’m GOING to lose my final 20……… FINAL 20, PEOPLE!!! 70lbs down – I’ve got this!

Self encouragement, self encouragement – beating it into my head.


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