Show time!

Friday night we had an amazing dinner at The Melting Pot, I love fondue and after this anniversary it’s the countdown to Vegas!

Anyway, tomorrow I have my first on campus class since 2008. Social work course that has integrated service learning hours and an “experience paper”. Lots to do! But I’m glad to really be getting my feet wet in my major. That masters degree is so close I can taste it. I’ll be the first in my family to have a masters degree… So, whose up for a Ph.D program with me after my masters is complete in a couple years? I wouldn’t be getting a PhD in social work, maybe clinical psychology? Hmmm… I might just be fuckin’ crazy enough to get my PhD…..

For now I’m awake at night stressing about it! I find myself, talking to myself, Alyssa what good is this doing you? Go to sleep!!!!!

Ok I’m going to bed, I’ve got a 65 lb puppy keeping my feet warm. 😉


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