There are two things that are not for the faint of heart….

1. Having a three year old boy.

2. Going through an accelerated bachelors-masters 5 year program…. with intense reading requirements.

UGH! Somebody shoot me now… (studying on my lunch break)

I mean I guess I just need to keep reminding myself that there are better things on the horizon for me… I am going to be the first person in my Mother’s side of the family (all the generations current and prior) to receive a Masters Degree. I will be the second person on my Father’s side of the family (and generations prior), to receive a Master’s degree.  My paternal Grandfather is the only one in my entire family who has every received a Masters. He has done quite well for himself. (Yeah yeah, his degree isn’t in Social Work, I know…)

I’m passionate about helping people. I’m passionate about trying to convince people to turn their lives around because you only get one chance at this life. One single shot and I think that if I can help a few people be more educated and productive members of society that I have helped our general population be a more functional machine. We sure as hell know the Government isn’t go to change — but people can and will, with the right tools and a good mentor.



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