It takes a village to raise a child…

You know when you have a really crappy day….? and your partner has an equally shit-tastic day?

The only logical process is that the thing that is making you have a crappy day is going to end up being brought home… right?

That is SO what we do! We come home and we are frustrated with things that are happening within our jobs or school or within the institution that we both work for. (We work for the same University but not even on the same end of campus so our paths never cross without intent). We really try not to. We come home and we are at each others throats because we are so over-stressed from all of our other obligations that it becomes difficult to differentiate between work/life/kids/school stresses. Where is the time for us? 😦

We need to be seeing each other in a “fun” setting… and not in a stress mode. I think a lot of people are of the mentality that parents make the conscious choice to have children and that means that we forfeit all alone time or vacations together or time outside of the household together…. a lot of that is true, but should it be?

When most of us, my generation (Gen Y), we were raised by multi-generational families, tons of single parent households and in a less “traditional” setting… so here are grown Gen Y’ers who are completing or pursuing post secondary education and raising families and there is little to no availability for a “Village” to “Raise the Child”. A lot of times, I feel alone in my parenting, well, with my spouse’s help, but I feel like I am on my own.

Any time anyone asks me to watch their kids, if I’m not doing anything  – you betcha, bring them over! I like feeling like I am helping make a difference in somebody else’s ability to feel like they have adult time and that their children are not what defines them… in my case, I feel like that is not always extended back to me. It seems like we are in a very EVERY MANY FOR HIMSELF! – time in our world and that is troubling to me.

Maybe it’s my chosen path that makes me feel like this… or maybe it was because I was virtually raised by 6 other “adults”… in a two bedroom house. I feel like it takes more than the mother and the father of a family unit to raise a child and to ensure that the heads of household maintain a healthy marriage and the ability to maintain their sanity in order to raise healthy children in that same image.

It is difficult to do when the parents never get to see anything except for the stressed, pissed, get me the hell out of this house versions of each other.

Maybe I am being far too idealistic, but a girl can dream, right?


THAT, my friends — is why we are leaving for Las Vegas, one month from today!

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