I have a hard time listening to you speak…

You were raised in a highly religious home…

You always had structure…

Your family ALWAYS had money…

You lived with your Caucasion upper middle class peers…

You went to school with your Caucasion upper middle class peers…

Your schooling was paid for…

You had a stay-at-home-Mom…

… and yet you feel well-versed on the topic of poverty and how to solve it?

I lived in abject and destitute, by U.S. standards, poverty and I can’t call myself an expert — so what makes you think you know what is best for…

Women in low income situations that have no family support that need childcare and can’t get it so that they can better themselves, but the state won’t give it because their gas station job pays them about 10 dollars too much per month for them to qualify for help.

Children who are living in dire conditions because their parents lived in rural areas (by no fault of their own) and were unable to get to the resources that they needed to better themselves.

I mean, honestly, I could go on and on and on — really, but listen, Grasshopper, I don’t care if you’re a political science major, a politician, an activist — spend a week living with a family who is, literally, starving… and cannot get food, cannot afford birth control (don’t even get me started, sex is a basic human physiological need from the point of maturation – do not even tell me “If you can’t afford it then abstain from sex until you can afford it.” – that is ridiculous. We are hard wired to need sex in order to keep our species alive, there is no getting around evolutionary biology) and cannot get help with childcare or transportation to work hard for a better life and be productive members of society that do not live on the government.

It might surprise you after reading this, but I am a financial conservative and I believe our public assistance system is COMPLETELY incorrect and needs a complete redesign. There needs to be some hard consequences for people who continue to give birth to children while on the system – but with that said — we need to be supportive of free or easy access to birth control to ALL income levels regardless of insurance… we already cannot feed the population on this planet — why should we continue to risk adding more?

I have a hard time listening to you talk about poverty-related issues… because you have never known what it means to be starving, you have never known what it’s like to go for several days with the power off in your falling apart home while you try to find transportation to and from a job because the car is broken down… what it’s like to wait days for food stamps when they don’t get deposited on time because somebody missed a cut off by one day… while you are doing the best you can to get yourself OUT of poverty… because surely – who wants to live ‘in the system’? You don’t. You never have.


The people who have the least decision-making power on issues that concern poverty, are those who are living in it themselves.

We have designed a system to promote financial dependency on a government entity because there is no incentive to get off the system, there is no gradual decrease in benefits as you make more money — it’s just all of the sudden cut off, done. A system CAN work if we design it properly to promote financial independence.

We need to recognize poverty and population control of those living in poverty is a social issue and something we all need to be a part of. Who wants more children living in poverty? The government is mandating free/easy access to birth control because it recognizes that we cannot afford any more children on state funded healthcare, food stamps, etc.


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