“Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner!”

I was raised with a mouth.

Sometimes, well a lot of times, my mouth gets me in far too much trouble. Way too much for my own good.

There is one thing I don’t do.

1. I don’t pretend to know things about something I know nothing about.

If I’m talking about it, I know something about what the hell I’m talking about… not saying I’m always right but, I will say that I do a lot of research. I do an immense amount of reading on things, what I eat, where I live, what I buy, what  medicines I take, local laws, policies, etc etc etc. Because I feel more secure being armed with the knowledge of my surroundings and the things I own and the world I live in…

My biggest pet peeve are the know it alls… and I mean, the “know it alls”. Constant need to be an expert on everything.

“My best friend’s cousin’s baby daddy was the guy who invented it and so I know all about it.” Types.


I’ll gladly go toe  – to – toe with you on an topic when I know you’re wrong… because I’ve never been one to get backed into a corner and then just let a person push my opinion, or my knowledge, off the table and pretend like they’ve got it all figured out.

Second biggest pet peeve: when you get proved wrong – don’t back out of it and pretend like you didn’t mean what you actually said and start feverishly Googling information to get yourself back on the path of ‘righteousness’… Stick with it or acknowledge that you were wrong and life goes on.


I do.

I don’t care who you are, who you think you are or what you do. If you act like a know it all and don’t have cold hard facts to back it up – we aren’t going to get along. However, if you’ve got facts, I’m on your side, I’ll debate until the cows come home on a respectful plane because I know you’ve done your research. That I can respect.  But when you’re just blabbering on in broken English… you’ve lost me and I’m nosing your invalid opinion off the table.

Come at me (BRO!) any time with something legit and informed and I’ll still respect you tomorrow, but this girl is not walking on eggshells, I am telling you like it is and I am not going to bother playing my know-it-all card without some serious factual data that I can reference to back up, because I want my word to count for something.

Nobody puts me in a corner.


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