The Countdown is on!

Ten days until Las Vegas!!!!

Haven’t been in two years and I am absolutely stoked to be going back again to see a band near and dear to mine and my husband’s hearts, 311. “Amber” was our wedding song and we go to 311 day, wherever it is, every other year when it is held. The last time was in 2010 in Vegas and the time before that was in New Orleans in 2008. (I was pregnant and very ill, boo!!)

The boys are driving in and I am flying in and riding back with them. I have a final on Monday and school stuff to finalize – plus I didn’t have enough vacation time to cover a week and a half off. 


Anyway, I am starting to get really excited! The kids and the dog are covered and I am so ready for some adult time away! We are going to hit the Painted Dessert and the Grand Canyon on the way back and I am totally excited about taking the extra couple days to drive back to get to see a lot of things that we didn’t get to see last time…


Now, to convince my husband to replace the portrait lens I broke before we went to Florida in August — BEFORE we go to Vegas….Tough sell since I just convinced him, with very little convincing, that it was time to drop the money on boobs. What? I’m not ashamed.


I went coat shopping with my Aunt this week and I told her, as a disclaimer that I would need a large and something forgiving in the chest… and she went on about looking through coats with very little acknowledgement to what I said and I repeated that I would need more room in the bust area… and it still flew over her head. I then had to stop her busy-ness looking through coats and explain that this time next month I would be sporting a new pair of silicone implants. We had a good laugh about it and I didn’t feel like I was judged… we continued looking through coats (it was hers,and my other aunts, early birthday present to me) and only picked out ones that were forgiving in the bust. Found a fantastic one, double breasted (no pun intended) and very roomy. 😉  

Hopefully it won’t be as cold in Vegas as it was in 2010 when we went. 

March 2nd is my consultation with the plastic surgeon, who came highly recommended and I’ve seen his work with my own two eyes, and I am hoping after all of these many many hours, literally DAYS, of research I have done that my request for High Profile, Allergan Natrelle implants is what he would recommend for me too. Ladies, we need to plan for some serious thrift store shopping the first couple weeks of April because I will officially have no tops that fit anymore. None. 


Bring on the next month, I’m READY!


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