Alright, it’s about to get real, folks!


Good morning, ignore my no-make up face. I have been cleaning house and doing laundry for what seems like the last 24 hours solid, so I decided to sit down and make a post.

In just an hour and fifteen minutes, I will be able to post a new “Life Event” on Facebook’s new timeline… Yes and it will be called “Ended Relationship with Long Hair”.

At longest length, my hair is over two feet long, gorgeous, thick, heavy hair. However that, my friends, is a double edged sword. I can’t do a thing with it. A pony, a bun, some curls on the very ends and it costs an arm and a leg to dye it.

I decided that with the new weight loss and the upcoming augmentation (assuming all of the paperwork goes through at the bank, apparently they made some mistakes on my application that went to underwriting and they called me to say it might take a little longer to rescind it from underwriting and then send it back to me with a response and a deposit) – it was time for a change. I can’t style my hair. I am not like normal women who get up in the morning and put make up on all over their face and then do their hair, etc. I am usually rushing out the door and putting on eyeliner and mascara in traffic. Yeah…. so that being said. Last week on Facebook, I threw out the following photo and asked everyone what their opinion was of this cute little wispy cut, except maybe with some side-swept bangs and obviously my dark brown color….


This photo got an enormous amount of responses in its favor… including my hairdresser who is on my facebook. It turned into like 26 posts about how this was a great idea!

-Then my MOM decided to also post on my hairdressers wall and tell her to have liquor, wine, at the ready so that I didn’t freak out…. VERY FUNNY, MOM!!!!

I think she based that off the time when I was 7 months pregnant with my first child and she took me to the hair salon for a cut and it turned out REALLY short… I sat on the church pews, inside the salon, and cried and cried. A man who was elderly sat down next to me and said “I think it looks very pretty, young lady.” Haha, awwwww….

Honey leaves for Vegas in the morning and I fly out and meet him on Wednesday. New Vegas ‘do’? Yes, please.

I’m leaving here in about fifteen minutes to head to the salon and hope I don’t cry. I’ll post photos afterwards. YIKES! Here goes nothing…


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