This whole post is just about my excitement about vacation…

See? Even morning-after hair is pretty sexy. You know what? I bet I could get on the scale right now and I would be two pounds less. (Remind me to get a cover for that futon. I feel like a whole new person, honestly. New nails done. First time I have ever done the “Pink and White” style nails. They were a little pricier than I wanted them to be but they are gorgeous and they look really natural.Image

I am pretty excited. New hair, new nails – might pick myself up a little something new to wear to Vegas. My mother-in-law is house sitting for us and our best buddy is dog sitting for us. I have a hard time with my dog being with a stranger, a kennel or somebody I have not established a trust with. When we rescued Penny, she was 9 weeks old and we were her fosters until she was adopted by somebody else.. but I knew pretty much from the moment I picked her up from the rescue owner – that she was never leaving. Two weeks later I sent the payment to the rescue because I was smitten. Penny had a REALLY hard time housebreaking, nearly a year of DAILY accidents, then all of the sudden she just decided “Eh, peeing in the house is for the birds.” And she stopped. Now the dog is spoiled, she is 70+ pounds and she sleeps in our bed at night… I have never bonded with an animal quite like I have bonded with Penny. She follows me all over the house, waits outside the door while I shower or use the bathroom – it’s comical. I’m her pack leader…anyway, so it is extremely difficult to let her be with anyone else that we don’t know. The kiddos will be in good hands with their Gigi and Nana and I won’t need to worry. ❤

Hmmm… now to convince my hubby that I need a replacement prime lens before this trip. I really need the 35mm f2. ASAP… however, I need to make financially sound decisions due to all of the new obligations I will have. The less eating out part will definitely help in that arena – considering I need to be behaving and working out and letting the new medication do its job. Does the Excalibur hotel have a gym? I know the Luxor does. I plan on getting up early before the boys are awake and hitting the elliptical – hard to help even out the caloric intake of Vegas, which is a lot. LOL but I still plan on being very cautious. We got a room with a fridge so that we can store protein shakes, sandwiches, and, ahem, beer and spirits. 😉

I’m ready, I’m ready! A boost to my confidence and a vacation without children? What more could a girl ask for?!

I’ve got to make sure I give my assistant, the department has a part time assistant to help with the duties that I cannot handle, I am more financials (budget), schedule maintenance, faculty assistance and he is more data and equipment management, gets the run down on the important things versus the things that can wait until I get back. I am a bit of a workaholic via my mother’s genetics. BUT – I will do my best to de-sync my email from iPhone once I leave work on Tuesday and not check it more than twice the entire time I am gone. I’m ready to disconnect and have too much fun in Sin City. My Dad is meeting us in Vegas, with a lady friend, on Friday and Saturday day and that will be nice since I only see my Dad one holiday out of the year.

Looks like this is going to be awesome! (I haven’t been on a plane in ten years, so I am already way confused as to how things work now.) Other than that, I’m READY!!!!

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