Who cares about Dec 21, 2012 — the world actually ends tomorrow!

Seriously, what is all the hype about 12/21/12 when the world actually ends tomorrow when I turn 26…My Mom calls me every year on my birthday at 2:35pm (when I was born). I share this birthday with my baby sister who is 20 years my junior.

I’m now going to be closer to 30 than my early twenties. UGH I guess I’ll still be in my mid-twenties… until somebody says “Yeah I think she is in her late-twenties…” I’ll just die then.  Getting older is not something I think I will handle gracefully, hence the boobs (well to be fair that was more attributed to the change after weight loss). April 4th. ::Happy Dance:: 4/4 is my consultation for the best, and most expensive, birthday present I could ever buy myself! Scheduling the surgery that day and rewarding myself for my nearly 80lb weight loss and for all of the things I have achieved and worked so hard on this year… Dr. Lund is going to make my physique fantastic, I know it! Now, I just have to hit the gym really hard until the day of the surgery because I won’t be able to work out for a while post-op especially not at the intensity that I do it at.  Going to start going through all of my summer clothes to sell the ones I know will no longer fit and set aside a little chunk of change to go buy new tops post-op.


Now, how will I top this reward next year when I have gotten even more good grades and progressed further into my degree? This will be difficult and I will need time to think about it.

Hubby has a big BBQ for all of my friends and my parents planned for this weekend! Excited to spend Easter with the family this year, too! Things are looking up! ❤ The water heater went out in our house and we had to go out and buy a new one same-day and have it installed with the help of my awesome father in law and my brother in law and it didn’t even make me pissed or annoyed — THAT, my friends is shocking, too much good shit happening to be down!


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