I’ve got this…

Hubby is in Dallas this week and Day One was a disaster!! I forgot that my spare key was with my in-laws and I had to use a ladder that just happened to be outside my side door and toss the seven year old up into my bedroom window to go through the house and unlock the door. 

I have class tomorrow and I have no sitter. UGH! Very rough start to the week… Hopefully, the worst is over. 

I am enjoying a glass of Sangria since the kids got baths and the highlight of my week, you ask?

Free Starz channel week on DirecTV… Hubby recorded TONS of movies for me.  Watching Burlesque right now and I might have time to watch another. Something about this movie makes me want to put on lots of hooker make up and wear something tight and sexy, but then I look down at my pajamas and decide these are far more comfortable… and I don’t feel like changing out of my sports bra…and the venue isn’t right… and I don’t have Christina Aguilera’s boobs just yet. 


Oh! I got a notice in my mailbox today, I think my ring is here!!!!!

Going to pick it up on my lunch break tomorrow. We’ll see!


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