I wish I could snap my fingers…

And make this week go by REALLY fast…

Thursday is the day! I have to be at the surgery center at 9:30am for the surgery at 11:00am.

I am not even the least bit nervous. I am so ready to feel proportionate and not feel like I have traded in 76lbs for this disproportionate body that doesn’t even make sense. 😦

I really truly do not care about the naysayers. I have given up caring about them. Any woman that talks shit, not those that are simply not a fan of implants,but talks SHIT about a girl who will pay for fake boobs that fit her frame from a reputable Plastic Surgeon – is very clearly insecure and jealous, herself and needs to address that.  My doctor and I chose 600cc’s Allergan Natrelle style 20’s High Profile. My prescriptions are all filled and ready to go and I paid in full on Friday. 🙂 (Including the prescriptions that cost me $115!!!)

Either way, I am READY! I am taking Thursday off for the surgery and then Friday- Saturday- Sunday to recover. Now I need to shop for some sports bras that I can wear for a whole month since I will not be able to wear a regular bra for 4-6 weeks since I am doing the crease incision. Got myself some cozy zip-up jammies and some tights to wear to the surgery center.

Had a fantastic Easter spending time with the family. So happy we got to spend time with the Wisconsin crew and our, at the moment, only nephew who is 5 months older than our own son. He’s getting SO big!

Things seem to be falling into place and things are going good. 🙂


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