Day 2 – Post-Op

My husband is so sweet. I needed to sleep sitting up in the recliner last night, and maybe for the next several nights; so hubby slept on the couch in the living room with me so I didn’t feel lonely. 

Set me up with coffee and all my meds and the laptop and comforter and pillows this morning before leaving for work. I am feeling pretty good, woke up in the middle of the night, took a valium and a pain pill and went back to bed. I’m a stomach sleeper so this is going to be weird for a while. Right now I just can’t sleep in the bed and risk rolling over onto my stomach just yet.


My dog is also playing an excellent nurse dog, she has been keeping a watchful eye over me and sleeping close to wherever I sleep. She is used to sleeping in our bed so I assumed she would go in there and sleep last night out of habit, nope, she squeezed up next to me on the loveseat. Love this dog. She’s the absolute best dog – ever. 


My daughter is becoming more and more curious to my procedure.. 

R: “Mom, what did they do to your chest? Why?”

Me: “Well, sometimes when people lose a lot of weight and try to breastfeed, Mommy’s chest just didn’t look the same anymore, so a doctor went in and fixed it for me!”

R: “Oh, ok.”

and that was that. LOL. The boy is none the wiser. HAHA! 

My surgeon actually called me from the Blues game last night to check on me since I was sleeping post-op and he had to go to another surgery so we didn’t get to talk, post-op. He told me and I quote “Your results are going to look amazing, and you are going to be very happy with them.” and he told me some exercises I needed to be doing with my arms up over my head and bouncing them out to the sides so that the tightness around the breast tissue doesn’t heal that way. That is some serious dedication to your patients when you call from a playoffs game — to check on your patient. 🙂

Reclining watching opening day festivities downtown since I can’t be there. GO CARDS!!!!!!!


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