2 Weeks -4 Days Post-Op

Photos is Two Weeks Four Days – Post-Op.

I know what you’re going to say, but let me preface this with a little bit of plastic surgery knowledge. Fake boobs, almost measure larger than real boobs of the relative size because of the different types of implants. I got a high profile implant so it sticks out further. I measured a 36G at 1 weeks 6 days post-op.  I have silicone under the muscle so they do not look ginormous, unless I’m wearing a tank top, then its like “Holy shit, Bazinga!” However, nobody at work has noticed or they haven’t said anything, lol. I only told my boss for restriction reasons post-op and my boss is the best boss ever and told me I didn’t need to tell anyone shit. LOL

Above is a very unflattering photo of me that the husband snapped of me while we were hanging out with my kids and my sisters at the park since they spent the night this weekend. Woo, Girls Sleepover Weekend!!! Four kids in my house, 10, 8, 6 and 3….it was interesting, they were surprisingly well behaved and did really well when we took them out to dinner. 🙂 Back to the point – see – my boobs don’t look ginormous, they FIT my more broad frame. No matter how much weight I lose I will still have a larger bone structure for a girl who is 5’4.  They aren’t ginormous stripper boobs – they make sense on me! 🙂 I’ve lose a considerable amount of weight and I am very close to my goal weight with about 15 more to lose and I am working closely with my primary care physician to reach that goal. I am hoping to get back into the gym this week and start out on the elliptical exclusively for pretty much a full month.

Honestly, who am I kidding…? I just can’t wait until I can wear cute bras that aren’t flammable because they are made with so much stuffing and cute bikinis that I can actually fill out. I was smaller than a 36B  – that shit is for the birds!!!


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