Speed of Light and Catty Women

I finished my Human Behavior final last night. It was an essay exam that was all case studies and diagnosing case studies and how to analyze certain clients.

I feel like I did really well…

I may not have the knack down on treatment plans, yet, but I have become really good at diagnosing problems and having them be pretty close to correct based on different theories and attachment models and cognitive developments, etc. I’ll eventually learn good treatment plans but for now, I’ll take this considering I’m just scraping the surface.

Anyway, one more Sociology final – then it is time to buy books for my Summer classes that start in three weeks. Damn this shit is REALLY trucking, it’s like I blinked my eyes and I am over halfway through the undergrad portion of my 5 year Masters program…

A lot of people are fairly surprised by my desire to go into Social Work. I enjoy helping people, I enjoy helping people through my own experiences, and other’s, improve their lives and give people hope that things can truly be better with a little help, resources, and a support system even if that system is not blood relatives. I am generally a pretty selfish person and mostly preoccupied – in my personal life I spend a lot of time worrying about “Me”. I am told that this is natural human nature but I would also consider myself erring on the side of generativity (concern for future generations). It is an interesting contrast in my life – since I have yet to nail down exactly what I want to do with my degree.

Tonight, will be one night of relaxing – then the grind is on to complete the 8-12 page “Scholarly Paper” for Human Behavior that is due by the 14th so I can heave a huge sigh of relief.

…and a short but sweet note on the secondary title to this post.

Women who are threatened by you or are jealous of you, cannot be your friends. People often hide behind their handles on websites and forums — and feel better about cutting other people down. I find it not surprising that the Weight Watchers community has a distinct separation between the women who are close to their goal weight and the women who are still 200+ – 300+ lbs… There is a line you don’t cross and we are segregated apparently. If you’ve had plastic surgery or only need to lose 20 or so lbs – your feelings don’t matter and you are an idiot for not being perfectly happy with your self image.

When in reality – it is because they are drinking the HATERade. LOL! Hi, Haters!



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