Heaving a big sigh of relief…

Woo! Another semester down!

Sociology: A

Human Behavior: Standby…

Turned in my scholarly paper on substance abuse and it is sitting in my professor’s box anxiously awaiting grading. Even if I got a zero on the paper I could only get a B- in the class. Either way, I put my heart into the paper and a lot of effort. Lots of reading and research and dialogue with a community volunteer for Alcoholics Anonymous to answer questions for paper content.

I took a lot away from this semester, now the next three semesters are the last little bit of my core prerequisites and then into the meat of my major and the last portion of my undergrad.

The next three weeks are going to be focusing on relaxing and getting my two, yes two, bathroom remodels – one done and the other bigger one progressed a little bit more. Pictures to follow!

Hello Dean’s List! 😉


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