Action packed!

Since I pulled a twelve hour work day to cover an event that I planned for the department graduates, I got to leave work at 11 on Friday and so my eight year old and I went to the zoo! We had a fun time! 🙂 She and I rode the train and took lots of pictures, that I will pull off of my camera soon. It was a great day and we even got a little sun. Beautiful day for an outing!

This weekend, its balls to the wall – we have three bathrooms in this house. One is 100% non-functioning since we gutted it. As we speak, my husband and his Dad are at Home Depot getting plumbing stuff and stuff to lay the new tile flooring up there. I am hoping we make more progress soon because the MASTER bath off of our bedroom sprung a leak in the wall and the hubby had to break through the plastic shower wall to get to the leak and my father in law once again had to come to the rescue and help us fix the leak inside the wall. So NOW – the shower inside the master bath is covered with a big plastic sheet until the mosaic tiles we ordered for it come in on Thursday! UGH! Too much at once. The guest bath is functioning obviously, as a toilet since it is only a half bath. So ready to actually complete one whole project and move on to something else. So many irons in the fire right now. 

Grades are also in. 

All 4 A’s this semester. A, A, A-, A. Resulting in a 3.90 GPA for the semester and a 3.73 cumulative GPA. I have busted my tail this semester and its about to pay off.

Dean’s List award is coming to my mailbox in a week!

I am pretty proud of myself, I have worked very hard for this and next term, I will qualify for the honors society.

Now I need to get off of here and get to work on this house while the boys attack the bathroom. I’m READY to have a 100% new bathroom upstairs and an updated bathroom off the master! 🙂


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