Yesterday we had family over and all hands were on deck helping progress the upstairs bathroom remodel. We got the shower stall framed out and the copper piping in for the shower head. My father in law is AWESOME and my husband says he is learning a lot, enough so that we are going to attempt to finish the downstairs, master bathroom once Elida mosaic tiles, in pearl, come in on Thursday, on our own. 


Wall for the piping framed out. 


Shower base secured. I seriously cannot wait until that bathroom is done, it is going to be fantastic. Brand new everything!!! Master bathroom is going to look wonderful, too, which is a separate impromptu project that happened when the pipe fitting sprung a leak inside the wall and once again the father in law had to come to the rescue. While home ownership may really piss me off sometimes… I love being able to update my own house, continuously improve upon something. I can’t wait until the Spring when we finalize all of the irons we have in the fire out and can start the next project. 

Anyway, I got some time to myself today to do some shopping for new work tops that actually fit me. I scored some pretty awesome deals, as most people know, I am a big time bargain shopper, I don’t pay full price for anything that I can get for $3.00 at Goodwill, often times with the tags still on them, especially knowing what I know about Goodwill’s “purchased goods” versus what is donated to them. 

Scored a fantastic silk Banana Republic blouse. $3.00

Sequined Old Navy Tank Top: $3.00

Striped Old Navy Long Sleeve Tee: $3.00

Charlotte Rousse: $3.00 (gorgeous flowy blouse with blousson sleeves)

Old Navy perfect fit tank top: $3.00

Plus many others! It was definitely a great Goodwill hunting day!


Back to work tomorrow, two more weeks off of school then its back at it! I am going to enjoy it while I can. Utilize the time off to get some work done around the house!



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