The Woes of Bikini Shopping

I thought EVERYTHING through before getting my breast augmentation. I spent months doing research, looking at photos online, finding an online community of other women who have had augmentations and seeking the advice of friends AND my primary care physician. I credit my fantastic and perfect results to this process as a collective whole.


One thing I did not consider that Victoria’s Secret, which I love – does not carry anything beyond a DD in stores, they do carry a DDD/F online, which I can mostly fit into if it is not considered a “full coverage”. I also did not consider this bikini, halter style, that I had been lusting after may not fit me post-op. 

Two weeks post op, I went to Victoria’s Secret, just for fun to try some things on and take some pictures prior to the “drop&fluff” fairy visiting, which Oh she definitely is now!!!!. I tried on the “large” size, which is the largest in-store option they carry. It fit, but it was snug and had a lot of boom if you know what I mean.

5 weeks post op, I go back to try it on just to make sure it fits after the drop and fluff happened (during which I gained a whole cup size, a WHOLE cup size – my surgeon wasn’t kidding that once those muscles relax and everything settles those babies reach max potential and I’m still not done.) That large sized halter no longer fits – it looks terrible! Minimal coverage and is not tasteful at all…

I ventured in to Nordstroms and there is not a chance in hell I am spending 180 bucks on sub-par designs and a few with threads hanging out of them. I am a bargain shopper – I don’t pay full price for anything.

I turned to eBay and other websites and was able to find the halter in an XL and took my chances and purchased a Victoria’s Secret Red Halter Top bikini in XL. I am hoping to have it by Friday so when we go to the river on Saturday…until then I’ll be running around looking for some cheapies to wear to kill the time…

First World Problems – I know…


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