The REAL Test to Your Marriage’s Strength — not what you might think.

Most people likely think finances or infidelity are the true test of the strength of your marriage and your ability to keep it together.

Wrong – those aforementioned circumstances have nothing on a home remodel. 

So, you buy your first house… You dream big, buying a house built in oh…say… 1935… the inspection goes great, the house has good “bones” the guy says and everything goes off without a hitch. You go in with paint cans and you imagine all of these fantastic remodels and updates you want to do. Take this wall out here… Turn the ‘safe’ room in the basement into a full built out pantry with tons of a storage and a wine refrigerator since there is power to the room.. Paint this room – that color… replace the baseboarding here, put new carpet in here… insulate this wall… put new windows in the whole joint.

Then two years after moving in you decide that not enough has been done and you walk into the upstairs bathroom – rip the door off its hinges… and start ripping out the wainscoting and realize there are huge holes in the walls behind there and things are not as they seem. See previous posts w/ photos. You end up gutting the entire bathroom, screaming at each other over whether or not this wall or that wall needs to be knocked down and what kind of tile will match the 18×18 flooring tiles…. is it too slippery? Do you know what an “N” factor is? 

Let’s just say it gets out of control fast…

Fast forward to today… we are now 7 months in on the upstairs bathroom remodel and the flooring is getting ready to go down and the shower enclosure will be covered in concrete backer board. The plumbing is in but it is still not a functional bathroom so that has made for a very frustrated Wifey. (Yeah, I am referring to myself…) THEN, just when I think we are making fantastic progress upstairs finally… the fixture in the master bath springs a leak and starts a whole new round of arguing and hitting shit with hammers and crowbars (taking out walls and plastic shower enclosures)… 

In order to make Wifey happy, the husband says “Let’s just redo the whole room while we’re in here!” and lets me go online and order the tile that I LOVE and tell the plastic shower enclosure to get lost! 

For the next few days, we will be showering at the gym… Which should make this project go a lot faster… 


Plastic shower enclosure walls removed exposing the bare bones of the shower, this will be covered in concrete backer board and tiled.


The wall side where the shower sprung a leak. 


Workin’ hard, or hardly workin’? (He is on the phone with his Dad asking questions while we break for lunch… in his defense)


The pretty blown glass globes that I picked out at Lowes to replace the ugly cream colored fluted ones. 


Opalescent Elida glass tiles – that we had to special order on Expensive, yikes, but it was exactly what we wanted. 


More progress photos to come, assuming we aren’t divorced this week! 😉


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